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1.How to reclaim stolen cryptocurrency from crypto scam /syndicates

To reclaim stolen cryptocurrency, you’ll first want to determine if your coins were actually stolen. You can do this by comparing the current balance on the blockchain to your records of how much you had before the theft.

If your records are accurate and the blockchain shows that your coins have been spent, it’s likely that your wallet was hacked or compromised in some way.

If you can’t find any evidence that your coins were stolen by someone else, then it’s possible that you’ve simply forgotten about them.

Some wallets don’t automatically show users their total balances—you may have to manually enter a command into the terminal to see how much money is currently in your account.

If that happens to be less than what you remember having, then check through old emails, notes on paper wallets, or other places where you might have written down passwords or seeds for different wallets.

If you’ve determined that there is no way someone could have stolen your coins without your knowledge or consent, then there are several options available for reclaiming stolen cryptocurrency




how the crypto got stolen

The most common way this happens is through phishing and malware attacks. Phishing scams are when a person or organization purports to be someone or something they are not in order to get you to give them your private information.

They might send you an email that looks like it’s from your bank or financial institution and ask for your login credentials.

If you give them to them, they’ll use them to get into your account and steal all of your money. Malware attacks can be similar, but instead of an email, it’s something else—it could be a fake app on Google Play or an ad on Facebook that promises free data if you download it.

Another way that cryptocurrency can be stolen is by brute force attacks on exchanges. This involves using a lot of computing power to try every possible password combination until one works.



immediate action
immediate action

If you have access to the wallet where your cryptocurrency was stored, move it somewhere else immediately. You’ll want to make sure that no one else can get into this wallet and steal your money again if they recover it during their investigation. Remember if it happens twice it’s no longer a mistake.



reclaim stolen cryptocurrency
how to reclaim stolen cryptocurrency

in trying to reclaim stolen cryptocurrency you need to locate the wallet that holds the stolen cryptocurrency. To do this, you will need to check all of your wallets for any suspicious activity. If you find that one wallet has been used without authorisation, then this is likely where your stolen cryptocurrency is located.

The next you will want to do is contact your exchange with details about when and how much was stolen from you so that they can help with any necessary investigations themselves on their end as well (if necessary)..

They may be able to freeze the account until you can provide more information, or they may be able to reverse a transaction that happened within a certain time period.

If your exchange isn’t able to help, then you’ll want to contact the police. The only way for the police to help you is if someone has been arrested with stolen cryptocurrency in their possession. The police will not be able to do anything if the thief has not been caught yet, so it’s best for you to wait for them to catch him before contacting them again.

They will need all of this information:

-The date on which the theft occurred

-The amount stolen

-The type of currency stolen (Bitcoin, Ethereum… etc)

-The location where it was stolen from (house, store…)

Contact an attorney who specializes in cyber law and/or cryptocurrency crimes immediately after reporting the theft to the authorities.

You can also search online for attorneys who can foster a fast process to reclaim stolen cryptocurrency in your area or country.

Keep detailed records of all communications with both law enforcement and attorneys throughout this process so that you can refer back to them later if necessary.

You can also use blockchain analysis software to try and locate the stolen wallet address on forums or chat rooms where people discuss their investments and losses (this may not always work OR Contact an expert in blockchain forensics who can help locate and reclaim stolen cryptocurrency.


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  1. This was good and fun to read . I think reporting to the government might be stressful , you gonna have to start facing the officials and proving that your cryptocurrency was lost . The investigation process might take a while you know .

  2. A lot of the scammers that device in phishing need to be caught . Their deceptive tactics need to be studied and prevented in our society at large .

  3. People who get their cryptocurrency reclaimed are lucky ! A lot of people have lost their minds to the fact that their cryptocurrency got stolen . Nice one hackerscrib

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