phone hacking hacking and eye revealing secrets to its success

phone hacking and how to do it

phone hacking
phone hacking


phone hacking is very easy today because of advanced methods like preexisting, smashing, malware, baiting, and hacking via Bluetooth. These methods are used by hackers; People aren’t even aware of that. Thus, to recover from cyber-attacks, we must need to hire phone hacker for resolving our complicated cell phone issues.


Why do we need to hire phone hacker? Which is safe to hire, and for what purpose do we hire phone hacker? The answer is that phone hacking is very easy today, and for prevention, we need to hire phone hacker online by the professional cyber experts.

Smartphones have stored every private account and data in a single location, so it makes a perfect target for hackers. Everything from bank details to social accounts and other important data is linked to your phone.

Hackers will be improving their methods constantly, so we also need to be up-to-date about methods of hacking and their solutions. Here we share 5 common methods of phone hacking.

What is phone hacking?

phone hacking
phone hacking

Phone hacking is a process done by hackers in that you can compromise your privacy and identity without you even being aware.


Hackers have all remote control of your phone when your phone is even unlocked. And they can do anything with your phone, like delete important data and get all important information from your devices.

5 common methods of a  phone hacker :

methods of a phone hacker
methods of a phone hacker
  1. Pretexting

It is the one type of social engineering method to hire phone hacker, in which the attackers tries to convince a victim to give up all important and private valuable information or access to a system. Because victims are convinced, they need to agree to the attacker’s all needs.

This technique used in the U.K is known as blagging. It is an important tool tabloid journalists have used for many years to get access to salacious dirt on celebrities and politicians. But today, it’s easily used by hackers for their benefit.

Hackers can use any form of communication like phone calls, emails, or text msg to play their dark game.

For example :

● Someone calls the employee and pretends to they are your boss or your company’s information agency. And they ask for all your information to hack cell phone hacker for hire So the attacker uses this kind of strategy to convince the employee that the scene is true and tries to collect the information.

  1. Smishing

It is a form of phishing attack in this attackers will send text msg to a targeted audience with inbound links, and if anyone clicks that link, hackers connected to your phone.

Most smartphones receive text messages from many known and unknown numbers. Many users know about spam emails, and they are aware of spammy links, but very fewer people are aware of spammy text messages.

Less awareness about text message fraud is a very easy method for hackers to hack any system.

  1. Malware

Malware words come from “malicious software.” It is a code or file that is delivered over a network, and after that, hackers will do whatever they want. After implanting malware in any system, a system is called an infected machine or system.


● Provide remote control to hackers of your infected machine.
● Send spam from infected phones to targeted devices.
● Steal all sensitive databases.

Malware uses a variety of techniques to spread itself to other devices. Let’s take some examples :

● Some emails are attached with malware.
● By file servers, some file servers like network file systems ( NFS ) can enable malware & malware spreads with downloading files.
● Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing malware spread via common files like images or music.

  1. Baiting

Baiting is a type of social engineering which work on human psychology. The main purpose is to retrieve confidential information and access an internal network of any system. The hackers make exploits based on human psychology, like humans’ decisions are influenced by fear, greed, and curiosity, and hackers use these things for their benefit.

For example :

● The victim gets free film files, e-books, and songs. If it is downloaded, malware is also inserted into the phone.
● Victims get some exclusive offers like downloading some files and getting a $1000 price. If you download files, malware is inserted into the device.

  1. Breaking via Bluetooth

This method requires physical proximity to the target, and for hackers, it is very easy in public spaces or crowded areas. The Bluetooth connection is one of the weak spots for a smartphone, and hackers use special methods to connect to devices that operate on Bluetooth and hack them.

we  hope you have found this article informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please ask them in comments section below or message us directly .

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  2. this is a very great write up , but my question is hope there would not be a trace back if i hack someone’s phone ? I am asking this because my man is cheating on me and I want to find out with no traces

    1. well its left to you to work with the right people . I once got something done here at hackerscrib and it went really smoothly, would have loved to share the full details but y’all might think I’m a bad boy

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  4. The question is if i hack someone’s phone hope i would not get caught and how fast can it be ?? cos im thinking of doing that very soon

  5. i cant lie but IM ACTUALLY scared to hire a hacker . I feel they can see it all even me , maybe might just give you guys a try . i hope i find it good tho

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