how to recover money fro m online scam to recover money from romance scam and 5 steps to adhere to

romance scam
how to recover money from romance scam


Romance scams are one of the most common forms of fraud. The scammer pretends to be a person who is interested in establishing a relationship with you and over time, they will gain your trust. Once they have gained your trust, they begin asking for money.

A romance scam is where someone pretends to be in a relationship with the victim in order to get money from them. A romance scam may come in the form of letters or on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Skype.

Romance scam are a common fraud that targets vulnerable people through online dating sites. During online communication, scammers build an online relationship with a victim and persuade them to send money as soon as they express romantic intentions.

Romance scam, a form of confidence trick, is a swindle in which the victim, through a series of verbal misrepresentations, personal appearances, materials and relationship engendering conversations with love interests via websites or over the telephone is conned into



Are you a victim of romance scam and looking for ways to recover all your money? You have made the first step by reading this article. I will show you exactly how to detect and report a fraud former lover, current lover or secret admirer that is posing as someone else.

How to Recover All Your Money from a Romance Scam

Romance scam are a form of fraud that targets people looking for love. Scammers use social media to connect with their victims, then build trust and eventually ask for money.

It’s important to know that you’re not alone, and that there are actions you can take to get your money back. The first step is reporting the scammer’s accounts to Facebook and Instagram. You can also file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

If you’ve been scammed, there are some steps you can take immediately:

romance scam
steps to recover money from romance scam


1)Block your scammer on all social media platforms (and if they have an email address associated with their accounts, block them there too).

2)Contact your bank or credit card company—tell them what happened and ask them to reverse any charges made by the scammer (if possible).

3) Change passwords on all accounts where financial information or passwords were shared with the scammer (including financial institutions).

4)Contact an attorney. If you’ve been scammed out of a large amount of money, contact an attorney who specializes in internet scams or consumer fraud cases. They’ll be able to help you gather all the evidence needed to prove your case in court and get your money back!

5)Contact the police. The police can help you find out if there are any other victims of this scam, and they may have some additional evidence that could help you recover your funds. You can also report the scam itself and warn others about it so as not to allow it to happen again


hackerscrib helping to recover money from romance scam
hackerscrib helping to recover money from romance scam

However if all these steps are not working and you want to get your money back / finding out the identity of such person , we are at hackerscrib are at your beck and call and always ready to help.

we would request some screenshots from chat rooms where you talked about your relationship and love journey, having this brings us to start working on finding out where the scammer lives by tracking the phone number and location of the scammer

KEY NOTE:- Do not send any money to anyone you do not know, no matter how sweet and cute they are, or how much you love them. The majority of these love scammers are very good at what they do. Victimise as many men/women as possible.  Innocent people have lost a fortune due to the fact that they believed the wrong person , its actually very hurtful to be trampled upon . Especially when you have trusted the person and giving them your heart .

In conclusion, awareness about romamce scam is very important. If you are new at internet dating and don’t know about romance scams, please read this article. It will tell you everything about what romance scam and how hard but possible to get your money back from the scammers.

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  1. My name is passion . I was a victim of romance scam for a period of 3 years . I wouldn’t even know if I was hypnotized but I was sending money to him every now and then . He told me he had a son with cancer but he was divorced . I thought I was helping to save a life but I didn’t know I was been scammed , until a day I requested he puts on a call with his 6 year old
    Son and he couldn’t .

  2. Please I would love to ask ? Is it possible I recover money from an online romance scam because I am very hurt right now . I have sent all my life savings and I need to get them back

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