How to recover money from a scam? 3 best ways

Scam and its bearers are getting cleverer and more sophisticated and it would be a big mistake to think that only the gullible are targeted. So here are a few things to look out for if you want to recognize a scam:

recover money
how to recover money from scam
  1. If a company you don’t deal with contact you out of the blue:

If a company you’ve never dealt with before is contacting you out of the blue – whether online, on the phone or in person, and is asking you for money – be very wary.

To ensure they are who they say they are, go to their official website, call the number from there and ask if it is legitimate (don’t use any contact details they give you).

If it’s a financial services company, check the Central Bank Financial service register to see if they are on there. If it is, they can forward you back to the person you were talking to, and if not – they have been made aware that someone is using their brand to scam someone.

  1. You are been rushed:

No legitimate company will rush you into a decision, to hand over sensitive information or make you fork out money with an unreasonable deadline and a sketchy reason. Its a scam

Scammers like to involve a sense of fear or urgency as a tactic to bully you into action, so you don’t have time to ask for help or think things through. If you are paying money or giving sensitive information out online make sure you have done proper research before doing such.

  1. Your bank is asking for your PIN(Personal Identification Number):

A bank will never ask you for your PIN or any online banking passwords either.

If at any point you become suspicious of someone saying they are from your bank, hang up and call them back from a number the official bank website has written on its contact us page. It’s a scam

  1. The Email or Message you received is full of errors:

Most emails from major companies are proofread and checked. If an email claiming to come from someone in a position of power comes through with lots of spelling and grammatical errors, be suspicious.

Scammers don’t necessarily have a good education, or maybe come from a different country, so don’t have the language skills you would expect.

Another thing to take note of in a scam email is if the letter does not address you by your name and addresses you with “Dear sir/ma” the letter is likely a scam. Because the scammers are sending the same letter to thousands of people they can’t edit every one of them, so it is safer to say “Dear sir/ma”.

  1. The Website you are on is not secured

It’s really easy to be deceived by a fake website as scammers can fake an official-looking email, using the same logo and email design as the real company to send you a link to a spoofed website.

When using web pages, you need to make sure the site has a secure link. The easiest way to do this is to check if there’s a padlock symbol in the browser.

Does the link start with ‘https://’ The ‘s’ stands for secure, and you should stay away from any site that doesn’t have it. Do not enter any sensitive data in an unsecured website or try to avoid unsecured website online. Please don’t trust an unsecured site it might be one used to run scam.

How to recover money from scammers


funds recovery from scam
  1. If there is an unknown payment from your account:

Contact your bank immediately if:

  • there’s a payment from your bank account you don’t recognize – this is known as an ‘unauthorized transaction’
  • you’ve used your debit card and more money was taken than you expected

Explain what’s happened and ask if you can get a refund. If you’re not happy with how the bank deals with your claim, you can complain through the headquarter of the bank or through the official website to take your claim more seriously. 

  1. If you buy something from a scammer online:

It is important to know that they are many online scammers disguising themselves as sellers of various products. This is common on social media where you see an advert for a product you will like to purchase. Before you make a purchase be sure to make a background check on the seller and check the comments section of the post to check other people’s feedback on the product. If the comment section is turned off this is a red flag. 

3. Hire a Hacker;

recover money
hire hacker to recover money from scam

in recent times, due to the frequent occurrence of stolen funds, hiring a hacker is one of the best and fastest ways to recover your stolen funds. All you’ll be required to present mostly are details of the “scam” or proof of transaction that led to it. Hackers Crib has a good number of hacking experts that can walk you through a recovery process. The process is simple and easy. You have atleast a 90% guarantee of getting your money back ! Speak with an expert today.

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  1. Thank you guys, you helped me to recover my stolen funds. You are geniuses and I am very much obliged for your assistance in this matter.

  2. scammers are good at masking themselves as other people. They pretend to be your neighbors, family, friends, etc., and gain your trust by using social engineering tactics. Once they’ve gained your trust, they can manipulate you into doing things like give them access to your bank account so they can steal all of the funds inside it. i really think people should be careful in dealing with those wicked people. Thanks hackers crib for helping me get all my money back !!!!!

  3. Hello I am Chris and I am a scam victim. I lost my money when someone pretended to be an agent for my bank. The scammers sent fake messages from the bank telling me that I was approved for a loan, but then asked me to wire out the funds from my account. please I jus want to say I am really happy you people helped me !!!!!!

  4. I was searching for a way to recover my funds from a scammer and came across this website one day. I am grateful for helping me to find my stolen funds and recovering them When I got scammed, I had lost all hope until you guys helped me recover funds from the scammer by exposing his fake profile. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much!.

  5. I was scammed out of my funds, and had no way to retrieve them. I was desperate, and felt like there was nowhere to turn. Luckily enough, I stumbled across this website that deviced a way i used to recover funds from the scammer. As it turns out, hackers are a pretty resourceful , and im grateful i got the services of a good one like you guys . Hackers crib i love you !!!!!

  6. I was been scammed out of my crypto, and I am very fortunate that the good people on this platform are able to help retrieve it.
    I have been in the crypto space for over 2 years now, I am an avid believer of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. However, like all other investors who are new to the space, I have lost some amount of money too. This is not because I was not careful enough, but simply because I was not aware of all the threats that exist on the internet.

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