1. Actionable way i can stop sextortion immediately

how to stop sextortion

sextortion is a serious and sometimes life threatening problem that could happen to anyone, anywhere – Sextortion is the act of threatening to post or selling explicit material of a person on the internet against their wishes. sextortion is a crime and being a victim can be devastating.


sextortion is one of the fastest growing forms of cybercrime in the world today. It’s estimated that by 2019, cyber extortion will be taking home over $1million a year .


Sextortion or sex extortion is a form of blackmail. This happens when someone threatens to release explicit, personal information or photos of you on the internet unless you provide them with sexual favors. A lot of people in recent years have been victims of sextortion after being taken advantage of by online predators or hackers. You’re not alone.

1. If you know how to go into your account and view deleted messages, that’s great. Otherwise, you can just contact your phone carrier and have them do it for you.

2. change your password and any other account passwords that may be similar. Once again, if you know how to do this yourself, great! If not, contact your phone carrier and they’ll be able to help with this as well.

3. you need to do is talk to someone about what happened. This could be a family member or friend, an adult at school or church, or even a counselor or therapist if necessary.

4. it’s important not to blame yourself for what happened — it wasn’t your fault! The person who sent these messages is responsible for their actions; they’re the ones who chose to send those messages and take advantage of your trust like this.

5 .In this situation, we recommend getting a new SIM card and phone number as soon as possible (don’t forget to input your new number in the accounts that you want it to go to!), and reporting your case to the police.



how to stop sextortion



we have handled the case of a victim of sextortion. she was blackmailed for over two years. she had her nudes on her devices, and she was being threatened that it would be exposed if she didn’t. succumb to their requests.

she was put in situations where the blackmailer had her do things like go to a public place and take off her clothes or walk into the bathroom with him and masturbate in front of him.

she was also asked to send money to him through Western Union so he can buy plane tickets, how gross can someone be ? well we were able to tackle the situation by hacking the number the blackmailer used to call the victim .

we found that the blackmailer had likely gotten access to her computer and installed malware on it to monitor her activity and steal her information. Then we helped her set up a temporary account which didn’t require two-step authentication, so we could delete the hacker’s account and fix the hole in their system that enabled access.

However so you dont be the architect of your own doom I think the best way not to become a victim is if you don’t want to send a photo of yourself, don’t do it, it’s as simple as this….. because if you give away one photo, then they’ll ask for more and in the end, there will be no way out.

We cannot anticipate the future role of cyber security in our society. We can only promise to help prevent more damage being done.  We are a network of internet citizens who have come together with a common cause; To do whatever it takes to fight cyber-attackers not just with words, but with deeds.

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  1. I’m a victim of sextortion and I have been blackmailed by someone who hacked my phone and social media account. I have paid him almost $7,000 so far and he continues to ask for more money. He has threatened me with releasing my private photos to my family and friends. I want to stop this but I don’t know what to do? Can i get help?

  2. I want to inform you about a guy who i had a lot of problems with, who not only extorted me but also ruined my life and tried to steal from me in every way possible. I want people to be aware of cyber-criminals. I already started the divorce process because i had lost all my trust in him and he was missing for few days. He had some kind of psychological disorder which was actually causing him

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