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1.Close Option Scam , how to recover stolen funds



close option
recover funds from close option scam

Close Option offered assets is very limited in number and binary option is the only method of trading. Looking at the Terms and Conditions of close Option, most clauses are tailored to benefit the broker a lot more than the client. Also, there are some language-related mistakes but that is acceptable considering the visual dissatisfaction of the website in the past.

Close Option is certainly not the best binary options broker, although some people find the platform to be convenient and attractive. Close Option is not regulated by any regulatory body and this has certainly influenced its potential reliability, popularity and customers’ feedback.

On the other hand, it’s a real risk to be working with this broker – it is not easy to find feedback from traders about Close Option, therefore it would be a good idea to evaluate everything before creating an account here.

Here are some reviews from forex-peace-army, about getting scammed by Close Option;

“don’t know why ‘ account closed?

After I withdrew a bit of my profit ‘ and then I deposited a few dollars then I lost it as I traded like an idiot ‘ it’s my fault I think ‘ but … I don’t know why they closed my account ?!

maybe because I was withdrawn more as I deposited after 

they said in chat ‘ write a message to support ‘ but I don’t wanna hear it or work more with this broker in future ‘ whatever the reason is.”

From a trader in Germany with username; X73RM

“They purposely made my contest trades lose. I have proof!

Scammers! They’ll purposely put your trades in the red for convenience. I have screenshots. Here is the story:

They never close cryptocurrency binary pairs properly. You always have to email them and beg them to manually close them. So when I brought up that they should manually close the trades for me so I could continue the contest, they tried to rig the contest so I would not win.

When pairs don’t close, it still tells you if you would win that trade. All the trades showed that I was supposed to win, but they made them lose. I took the same trades on the demo as I did on the contest. On the demo account trades they closed, they made it win. But on the contest account, they made it lose. All of this is shown in the screenshots I have.

I emailed support and they were not helpful and didn’t take accountability.”

From Lauren in the United States.

Is Close Option A Scam

close option
is close option scam ?

It is unclear whether or not Close Option is a scam because of the lack of sufficient customers’ feedback to determine the validity of the platform. Although they are not licensed by any serious regulatory authority, this is not a broker that should be considered reliable.

Close Option claims to be regulated by the National Bank of Georgia which is obviously to trick its clients because the Bank does not license Forex and/or Binary Options activities, so it is better to go for brokers that are licensed and have a proven track record. The funny part is that Close Option restricts people from Georgia from trading on their platform, weird considering that Close Option is situated in Georgia and licensed by the National Bank of Georgia.

It must be also noted that they do not specify the name of the company clearly. Their legal documents use the phrasing “CloseOption, a limited liability company, was registered in Georgia”, however, we couldn’t locate a company named CloseOption

How to recover funds lost to Close Option

binary option scam
how to recover funds

A binary option is a very risky investment platform because of its high rate of volatility not to add the effect of the ever-increasing scam brokers. 

Losing funds to a broker scam can be devastating, but you shouldn’t be ashamed as anyone can be a victim of a scam. You should make sure you recover your money from the scammer by all means necessary.

You can hire a Fund Recovery Expert with experience in forex scams to recover your money. A Fund Recovery Expert is a professional that is certified to help victims of various scams recover their money. A team of Fund Recovery experts is a team of Data recovery experts, Lawyers, Financial Advisers, and sometimes hackers. Hire a Fund Recovery expert and submit the appropriate document like transaction history, agreement contract, and other documents the Recovery expert might deem necessary.

Hire a Fund Recovery expert on Hackers Crib. Hackers Crib is an online platform with various types of Hacking Experts for hire. With a good track record of funds recovered from scams so far, Hackers Crib can be trusted to recover your funds for you. You can get consultancy from our customer support today, and get professional feedback from industry experts on how to get your money back.

5 thoughts on “1.Close Option Scam , how to recover stolen funds”

  1. I appreciate your assistance in assisting me in recovering my funds from a binary options fraud. It was the first time I had been duped by them. I put out $5340 and lost it all when the broker disappeared with it. It was not a little sum of money for me, but I never imagined that I would be able to recover it.

  2. peterson christy

    I am very happy to have found this page. I had lost a lot of money and was on the verge of loosing more. I had tried so many ways, but got scammed by so many fraudsters. Thanks for helping me. I am still in shock. But I will continue to pray for you and hopefully be able to help others as well.

  3. Declan Morris

    I am really grateful to the hackers here at hackers crib who helped me get back my money from binary option scam. Money wasn’t much but it was a lot for me. I really appreciate that you spent your time, energy and resources on my case so that I can get my life back on track.

  4. I got duped by the binary option fraud. I invested $50,000 and lost it all.

    I attempted to reclaim my money by calling the company’s customer care. They were useless and disrespectful, asking me to contact my bank and that they would not repay me.

    I then called my credit card company, who informed me that it was too late to contest the charge because it had been more than 30 days since I placed funds into their account.

    I eventually learned about this website from another victim who informed me that they used it to get their money back. I called them and explained my issue, and they provided me with a step-by-step guidance on how to reclaim my money from the scammer ! I’m so excited I got here

  5. Amanda Woodmansee

    Being scammed is one of the worst thing that can happen to anyone who is trading online. I was on a new platform and decided to try my luck with them. After a few trades, I decided to make a deposit being assured it was safe and legal. Well, when I opened my account balance a few days later, I saw they had stolen all my money and there was nothing left in my account. Then I realized they scammed me into thinking it’s safe but instead it was just a scam! That is why i ran to hackers crib so i can be helped to recover my money from binary options scam.

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