How To Recover Stolen Crypto From Metamask


How To Recover Stolen Crypto From Metamask
How To Recover Stolen Crypto From Metamask

Metamask is an easy way to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It enhances browser usability and acts like a wallet, allowing you to send and receive Ether and ERC20 tokens.

The Metamask plugin is a popular Ethereum wallet. It represents the official in-browser extension for visiting the ETH adresses.

The private keys of the wallet stay in your browser, which means that you are completely responsible for them

Metamask is a Google Chrome extension used for Ethereum-based token transactions.

It enables anonymous and simple creation of Ethereum addresses for each transaction, making it so much easier to use than its open equivalent Mist.

As you know, cryptocurrency continues to become a more valuable asset and more people have begun to invest in it.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was well over $500 billion at the end of 2017 and keeps increasing.

It is estimated that 33 million people on this planet own or use cryptocurrency today. While this is good news for some investors, there are many concerns when it comes to security.

There’s a trend in cybercrime that has surpassed the whole industry. (The growing trend is such an increase that at some point, it becomes not just a trend, but almost a requirement).


Crypto theft, wallet hacks and fraud have a devastating effect on victims, their friends and family.

There’s a trend in cybercrime that has surpassed the whole industry. (The growing trend is such an increase that at some point, it becomes not just a trend, but almost a requirement).

Criminals use and rely on bitcoin to stay anonymous and get paid for stolen information or compromised systems. Crypto thefts have increased this past year as these criminals target your crypto holdings as if you are simply mining for them

. Here’s how to protect yourself from cyber criminals using Metamask for stealing their cryptocurrency.

The consequences surrounding crypto security are vast, affecting millions of users around the world.

In addition to the psychological effects of a hacking, the loss of crypto assets can put the victim in financial ruin, with no apparent way to recover their money.

if you are the victim of a phishing scheme or other fraud that caused you to lose a large amount of cryptocurrency or tokens.

You may have been saving up for months to buy a new car, down payment on a house, pay off school loans, or start your own business.

In this guide I will show you how you can try to recover stolen funds when your private key is compromised.

This could also be used if one of your loved ones unfortunately loses access to his BTC or ETH wallet and they don’t have any other way to retrieve their funds, perhaps because they lost their backup seeds and PIN numbers.


How To Recover Stolen Crypto From Metamask
How To Recover Stolen Crypto From Metamask


If you’ve ever had your cryptocurrency stolen, then you know it’s a terrible feeling. The good news is that there are ways to recover your lost crypto. Here are some steps to take if you have cryptocurrency in your Metamask wallet and it was stolen:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your account is secure. If you’ve been using Metamask, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your computer and that your computer’s software is up to date.

You can also set up two-factor authentication on Metamask so that if someone tries to access your wallet, they’ll need more than just a password to get in. Make sure you do this!

1. Log into the Metamask website and go to the “recovery phrase” section on the left side of the screen under “Security Center.”

2. Enter your recovery phrase in the box and click “I have written down my recovery phrase.” You will then be prompted to enter a password for this wallet, so type one in and click “Next.” The next page will show you how many addresses this wallet has, as well as how much Ether each address contains (if any).

3. Click on “Show Addresses” at the bottom right of this page, which will display all of these addresses with their respective balances. Find the one with your stolen funds on it and click on “select” next to it.

Then choose “Send Ether & Tokens” from the menu at the top right of this page (this option is only available if there are funds available on that particular address). This will open another window where you can send all

  1. The next step is to contact Metamask support and explain what happened.They will be able to assist you with reporting the theft, although they may not be able to recover any stolen funds for you.If you are able to recover your coins, then you should move them into a new wallet immediately.It’s also important that you don’t use your old wallet again, because if it’s compromised then someone else could steal those coins again.This means that all Metamask accounts are susceptible to phishing and users should be careful about clicking on untrusted links. To prevent stealing, always check that the URL is correct, change passwords regularly, never share your private keys with others, and use a hardware wallet. 

    in a situation where all these are not helping don’t worry— we got you covered

First, you can email us, and follow the steps to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, check your email for a confirmation message.

Once you’ve confirmed your identity with us, we’ll help you recover any stolen cryptocurrency from your mrtamask . Our program has helped thousands of people like you get their stolen crypto back


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